Product Description

According to the requirements of modern data centers for green energy conservation, emission reduction, modularization and intelligent monitoring, it is designed and developed and widely used in various new, reconstruction and expansion data centers in finance, government, telecommunications, energy, transportation, medical education, manufacturing and other industries, effectively improving energy efficiency and saving energy by 30%; Top strong and weak current trunking, closed track opposite door opening (remote card swiping password sensing), fire skylight, fire linkage (audible and visual alarm, smoke sensing, temperature and humidity sensing), indoor and outdoor integrated constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, UPS, rack type precision distribution cabinet, special cabinet for data center, including cabinet assembly, closed cold channel, environmental monitoring system and KVM.

    • The integrated cold and electric control is pre integrated in one cabinet. The on-site installation only needs simple cabinet consolidation, and the construction time is only 4 hours.

    • Remote monitoring, multi module unified network management and centralized monitoring to realize unattended.

    • Rack air conditioner, saving at least one cabinet installation space.

    • DC frequency conversion refrigeration, cold and hot channels are optional, and pue is as low as 1.37.

    • Dehumidification with light load can be carried out for 10% load of the machine room to avoid the risk of condensation in the machine room.

    • Real time monitoring of battery voltage, internal resistance and temperature, intelligent shutdown of overheating to prevent fire.

Product characteristics

Three sets of standard 600 * 1200 * 42U cabinets can provide 108u independent installation space

Five sets of standard 600 * 1200 * 42U cabinets can provide 182u independent installation space

Precision air conditioner

1 set of 8kw precision air conditioner

1 set of 15kw precision air conditioner


1 set of 10KVA rack UPS

电池包1 set of standby power time 30min

3 sets of single-phase 12 channel 10a and 4 channel 16A output

5 sets of single-phase 12 channel 10a and 4 channel 16A output

Power distribution module1 set of rack type modular power distribution unit with built-in smart meter, MODBUS protocol and UPS bypass interlock function
Monitoring module1 set, including monitoring unit, fire control unit, smoke sensor, temperature and humidity sensor and water immersion detector
Alarm formAudible and visual alarm and SMS alarm
Size specification