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Job Title Recruiting Numbers Working place Release time
  • Sheet metal process engineer 3 Dongguan-Qiaotou 2019-11-22
    Job Responsibilities
      • 1、Responsible for the preparation of product processing and assembly process documents;

      • 2、Preparation of work instructions;

      • 3、Responsible for the formulation and implementation of product production process flow, process standards, analysis and solution of on-site process problems;

      • 4、Responsible for formulating and modifying material consumption quotas for product parts;

      • 5、Responsible for the scientific integration and technological transformation of each process;

      • 6、Responsible for the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies;

      • 7、Analyze and resolve product process issues from customer complaints, and formulate and implement corrective and preventive measures.

    job requirements
      • 1、College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering;

      • 2、2 years working experience in sheet metal industry;

      • 3、Familiar with the production process of sheet metal products;

      • 4、Ability to compile process files and improve product process defects;

      • 5、Familiar with CAD, Solidworks, Per / E and other drawing software;

      • 6、Drawing speed is fast.