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Company Profile
Company Profile

Huahai Zhilian focuses on R & D, production, and sales: intelligent computer rooms, cabinets, new energy equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, energy saving equipment, and network equipment for data centers, cloud computing, big data, communications, networking, electrical, industrial control, ships, Security and other industries develop and manufacture high-quality cabinet products, and provide dust explosion-proof equipment and environmental data monitoring equipment for manufacturing enterprises. It has many managers and technical experts who have worked in the precision sheet metal industry for decades, and many engineering and technical personnel. It is one of the largest cabinet and environmental equipment manufacturers in China.

Products are rich and complete. Network cabinets, server cabinets, data center hot and cold aisle closed system cabinets, lower air supply cabinets, etc., can meet all customer requirements for cabinets. Widely used in high-speed rail, airports, banks, IDC computer rooms, Internet companies, corporate headquarters, communications, hospitals, governments, taxation, universities, chain retail, manufacturing, online business, military and so on. Dust explosion-proof equipment and environmental data monitoring equipment are widely used in factory environmental protection and safety real-time online monitoring to meet national requirements for environmental protection and safety.

The plant covers an area of over 20,000 square meters. The company has a complete set of independently developed and automated spraying production lines, oven equipment, advanced laser cutting machines, CNC punches, CNC bending machines, butt welding machines and more than 100 sets of other processing equipment. Leading in the industry.