Product Description

According to the requirements of modern data centers for green energy conservation, emission reduction, modularization and intelligent monitoring, it is designed and developed and widely used in various new, reconstruction and expansion data centers in finance, government, telecommunications, energy, transportation, medical education, manufacturing and other industries, effectively improving energy efficiency and saving energy by 30%; Top strong and weak current trunking, closed track opposite door opening (remote card swiping password sensing), fire skylight, fire linkage (audible and visual alarm, smoke sensing, temperature and humidity sensing), indoor and outdoor integrated constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, UPS, rack type precision distribution cabinet, special cabinet for data center, including cabinet assembly, closed cold channel, environmental monitoring system and KVM.


    Modular installation: all installations of the whole system are processed into modular form to the site through the factory, which is convenient for installation.

    The heat dissipation effect is like that the refrigeration efficiency of a single cabinet is significantly improved, the installation density of cabinet equipment is improved, and the space of the machine room is saved.

    The top cover is opened under the action of gravity to carry out gas fire fighting in the cold channel area, which is safe and reliable.

    The cold and hot air are separated, without turbulence and short circuit, with high refrigeration efficiency and energy consumption cost saving.

    Comprehensive computer room management, comprehensive dynamic management, energy efficiency analysis, sound security management, standard network management interface, accurate battery management and convenient management and maintenance.

Product characteristics
Channel Specification (W x D x H) mm

Single row: LX (2200 ~ 2400) x (2000 ~ 2200)

(excluding the turning height of skylight) l < 15m (including air conditioner)

The cabinet depth supports 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm; The cabinet height supports 2000mm and 2200mm

Double row: LX (3200 ~ 3600) x (2000 ~ 2200)

(excluding the turning height of skylight) l < 15m (including air conditioner)

The cabinet depth supports 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm, and the cabinet height supports 2000mm and 2200mm

The width of closed channel supports 1200mm and 1800mm

Number of single-mode cabinetSingle row: 3 ~ 24; Double row: 6 ~ 40
Installation mode

The overhead floor can also be installed directly on the cement floor

Reliability levelTier II or tier III or above
Power supply system380/400/415Vac,50/60Hz,3Ph+N+PE
System protection levelIP20