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How to choose a server cabinet?

2019-11-13 16:22:04

      As the basic unit of equipment in the computer room, the cabinet is playing an important role in affecting the performance of IT equipment. You should not know the cabinet from the perspective of the physical specifications of the cabinet, but from the perspective of the system.

  Server Cabinet Selection Guide Green Data Center A series of problems occurred in the computer room after the new IT equipment started in the cabinet. This senior IT manager has a small reputation in the industry due to his familiarity with data centers. When working for company B, he had the courage to innovate, and he chose to choose a whole set of computer room products to build a new data center. Although the purchase cost was 30% more than the original budget, in the next two years, Compared with the past, the data center has saved considerable power and manpower expenses.

 A large number of new IT equipment was purchased, and the system migration was achieved in a short period of time. But after the migration, the air conditioner ran out first, and then the electricity was unstable. The temperature of the equipment room is far below the industry standard, but there are still equipments that are down due to overheating; the power density of equipment increases, which poses a challenge to the power environment of the equipment room.

  Why is this? Han Li was puzzled, and after consulting the industry peers again and again, he finally confirmed that the root cause of the problem turned out to be a humble cabinet. A lot of IT equipment was updated, but Hanli did not pay much attention to the cabinet. Not only do the old cabinets have much lower through-hole rates than new products on the market, but they also have insufficient design power capabilities. As a last resort, Han Li had to work hard again and updated the cabinet to solve the problem.

  In fact, more and more people are like Han in re-understanding the role that cabinets play in data centers.

  Many people have always believed that cabinets are used to house IT equipment such as servers. They do not have high technical content and are low-value, auxiliary products in IT applications. At the beginning, many data center equipment was not all placed in cabinets. Previously, the calculation density was relatively low, and there were more open rack applications. Limited to low-demand applications and the impact of this thinking, cabinet technology has not gained much development in the past few years.

  However, with the development of computer and network technology, IT facilities such as servers and network communication equipment in data centers are moving toward miniaturization, networking, and racking. Can provide better physical protection, can also provide better power distribution, airflow management and other solutions, more and more equipment is placed in the cabinet. This trend has brought new changes to the building model of data centers. Especially the cabinet is gradually becoming one of the protagonists in this change. The cabinet is becoming an extremely important part of the data center.

  Now, “equipment on equipment” has become the basic model for data center construction, and most data centers use rack / cabinet servers. This application also promotes the rapid development of server cabinet technology. Cabinets continue to standardize, load-bearing capacity is becoming stronger, flexibility is greater, heat dissipation has been continuously improved, and cabinet monitoring technology has also developed.

With the emergence of blade servers and virtualization, the development of server cabinets is facing more challenges, especially in the power and cooling of computer rooms.

  Energy saving is the most basic requirement for green data center construction. Cabinets are an important and basic link in the construction of green data centers.

  In the data center, the cabinet is not only an important infrastructure to protect the core IT equipment, but in the trend of "equipment on equipment", the cabinet itself is the epitome of a data center. Improving the energy efficiency of rack systems is an important step in improving the energy efficiency of the entire data center.

  To improve the energy efficiency of the cabinet system, we must first pay attention to the cooling system of the cabinet. The adoption of high-density IT equipment such as blade servers will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the amount of heat generated inside the cabinet. Without good cooling capabilities, the performance of these core devices will be severely affected. therefore,

  In addition to the external precision air-conditioning system in the computer room, the heat dissipation performance of the cabinet itself is of great significance to the heat dissipation performance of the entire data center and thus to reduce heat dissipation energy consumption.

  For example, the overall design of the cabinet, the space inside the cabinet, the penetration rate of the mesh door, and the fan all need to achieve good heat dissipation.

  With the deepening of people's understanding, the role of the cabinet is gradually developing from the container hosting the server to an independent system. "Data center management is gradually being implemented at the cabinet level.

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