Carrier data center infrastructure solutions

2019-11-09 16:59:44

       In recent years, with the rise of the big data industry, data centers have begun to be known and used by more and more people. As a third-party data center, the operator data center provides customers with high-quality server and network equipment hosting services, managed network services, content distribution network services, and cloud computing services. In response to the needs and characteristics of the operator's data center construction, Huahai Zhilian adopted the modular design concept and launched a modular data center infrastructure solution. It has the characteristics of reliability, flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence to ensure the stable operation and business innovation of operator organizations To effectively provide better and convenient services for hosting companies.

Needs and challenges

        The growth of productivity and the development of social informatization are inseparable from the data base, the core base for carrying data. Third-party data center operators are actively deploying large-scale data centers to meet the rapid changes in business in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for IDC leasing from the three major operators of China Unicom and China Telecom. At the same time, the rapid growth of business has brought tremendous pressure to the construction of information technology, and it has placed higher requirements on the security, availability and energy-saving of IT infrastructure in the operator industry. The construction of third-party data center infrastructure is paying more attention to the following points:  

1、Fast deployment issues: Third-party data centers serve a large number of hosting customers and require fast response speeds. Data center infrastructure needs to be set up quickly to support the rapid launch of business.

2、Reliability issues: Third-party data centers serve customers, and they must ensure the sustainability of data center operations and uninterrupted operations.

3、Green energy-saving issues: Large IDCs have large energy consumption. In response to the country's green energy-saving concepts and to save operators' operating costs, the PUE value of data centers is more concerned.

4、Efficient application issues: Large-scale IDCs have more IT infrastructure, which places higher requirements on operation and maintenance management capabilities. Operation and maintenance management needs to be efficient, intelligent and tooled.

5、Scalability issues: The data center can quickly respond to the flexible expansion of business needs, and the expansion process is simple and convenient.

Solution Overview

         Third-party Internet infrastructure service providers provide customers with high-quality server and network equipment hosting services, managed network services, content distribution network services, and cloud computing services. Huahai Zhilian adopts the modular design concept and has introduced modular and container data center infrastructure solutions, which are reliable, flexible, efficient, and intelligent, and can meet the needs of many of its businesses. 

For large-scale data centers deployed by operators, Huahai Zhilian's large-scale modular data center infrastructure solution can be adopted.

- Program value  -

1、Safe and reliable:

Supports channel-level access control (optional) and cabinet-level access control (optional) to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering and improve the safety of the equipment room.

Integrated fire protection system (optional) to improve machine room security.

Support dual power input. The UPS is equipped with a manual maintenance bypass. The manual maintenance bypass switch is locked during normal operation to avoid electrical accidents due to misoperation.

Modular UPS can reliably achieve N + 1, 2N and other redundancy, improving system reliability.

Strong and weak electricity, fiber and network cables are routed separately to reduce electromagnetic interference.

Reliable component level: high-quality components; modular design, shorter mean time to repair (MTTR), higher availability; redundancy of key components such as EC fans and power modules. 

System-level reliability: Tier II to TierIV smooth evolution; intelligent management, status and risk prediction.

2、Fast and efficient:

The system products are prefabricated, assembled, and tested in the factory in advance, and can be quickly assembled and set up on site.

The integrated remote management system of the solution will greatly save the operation and maintenance management costs of the owner unit, and achieve efficient management and real-time online demand.

The solution adopts a modular design, which can be flexibly combined according to relevant situations to meet the needs of different scenarios.

3、Environmental Protection:

The solution can save more than 30% of energy compared to traditional computer rooms, and greatly reduce the PUE value.

The solution adopts a modular design, and the shared cabinet design can greatly save the space of the site, at the same time reduce the loss of cooling capacity, and facilitate the subsequent expansion.

The modular UPS used in the solution can reduce the investment of one-time power modules, thereby reducing the initial capital investment and also saving energy.

4、Intelligent management:

Centralized management of all infrastructures, automatic analysis and processing, and automatic adjustment of the supporting environment to adapt to loads, reduce manual intervention and equipment failure rates, and extend equipment life.

Improve management efficiency, reduce management cost of computer room, save OPEX by more than 30% compared with traditional data center.

Application scenario

Large-scale data center of the operator organization: The centralized data center infrastructure of the operator is large in scale, constructed in phases, and invested in phases as needed.

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