Product Description

Full transparent tempered glass single-open front door and single-sheet metal back door, especially suitable for installing active devices such as servers, a package to solve problems such as server heat dissipation, mechanical protection, and external observation of machine operating conditions

    • Front and rear welded frame assembly structure, static load bearing capacity up to 1000KG

    • The front and rear doors adopt the quick-opening latch structure, and meet the left and right door opening

    • Quick-open side panel for easy and flexible opening

    • Leave the top and bottom to close the routing channels, and the wiring position is flexible

    • Using fingerprint resistant galvanized square hole strip (optional spraying)

    • The main parts are preset grounded copper posts, which can quickly form a cabinet grounding system.

    • The fan unit is installed from the top of the cabinet, which facilitates subsequent maintenance

    • Convenient installation of vertical PDU power distribution unit and cable tie plate

Protection classIP20
Main materialSPCC high quality cold-rolled steel plate / fingerprint resistant aluminized zinc steel plate
Material thickness

Square hole strip 2.0mm, mounting beam 1.5mm, other 1.2mm

Load-bearing600kg with casters, 800KG with feet, 1000kg on floor
Surface treatmentDegreasing, cleaning, potting, electrostatic spraying
Ordering Information
Model Capacity Width Depth Height
(U) (mm) (mm) (mm)
A2.6618.0■■■ 18 600 600 988
A2.6818.0■■■ 800
A2.6622.0■■■ 22 600 600 1166
A2.6822.0■■■ 800
A2.6627.0■■■ 27 600 600 1388
A2.6827.0■■■ 800
A2.6632.0■■■ 32 600 600 1610
A2.6832.0■■■ 800
A2.6637.0■■■ 37 600 600 1833
A2.6837.0■■■ 800
A2.6642.0■■■ 42 600 600 2055
A2.6842.0■■■ 800
A2.6042.0■■■ 1000
A2.6142.0■■■ 1100
A2.6242.0■■■ 1200
A2.8642.0■■■ 800 600
A2.8842.0■■■ 800
A2.8042.0■■■ 1000
A2.8142.0■■■ 1100
A2.8242.0■■■ 1200
A2.6647.0■■■ 47 600 600 2277
A2.6847.0■■■ 800
A2.6047.0■■■ 1000
A2.6147.0■■■ 1100
A2.6247.0■■■ 1200
A2.8647.0■■■ 800 600
A2.8847.0■■■ 800
A2.8047.0■■■ 1000
A2.8147.0■■■ 1100
A2.8247.0■■■ 1200

Order number definition: 

A2.■■■■.■■■0  Cabinet color is RAL7035SN 

A2.■■■■.■■■1  Cabinet color is RAL9005SN

A2.■■■■.0■■■       Without trim

A2.■■■■.7■■■       Door trim color is red(Cabinet color is RAL7035SN)

A2.■■■■.8■■■       Door trim strips are silver(Cabinet color is RAL7035SN)

A2.■■■■.9■■■       Door trim strips are bright blue(Cabinet color is RAL9005SN)

A2.■■■■.0■■       No backdoor

A2.■■■■.1■■       Single sheet metal back door

A2.■■■■.2■■       Double sheet metal back door

A2.■■■■.3■■       Single Open Flat Hex Mesh Back Door

A2.■■■■.4■■       Double Open Flat Hex Mesh Back Door

A2.■■■■.5■■       Single Open Flat Waist Hex Mesh Back Door

A2.■■■■.6■■       Double Open Flat Waist Hex Mesh Back Door

A2.■■■■.7■■       Single open flat round hole back door

A2.■■■■.8■■       Double open flat round hole back door